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How to cut the advertising "crystal" perfectly and effectively?
From: Guangdong bravebull intelligent cutting technology co., LTD Post date: 2018-03-09

In the fierce competition in the advertising industry, amidst the winds of change, the word crystal for its simple rough, publicity appearance effectively has become a form of an advertising industry, widely used in making boutique showcase brows word, company logo wall, advertising signs, shop door signs, car trademark sign guidance system.
Crystal is a combination of chemical water to combine transparent plexiglass (acrylic) with colored organic pieces. When forming, the transparent acrylic and colored organic chips can be cut separately, and then can be first mixed with chemical water and then cut together, so the crystal characters are double-layer. As we all know, every enterprise has its unique trademark LOGO, so the crystal character of each enterprise is the only one. So it can be seen that the market of crystal character customization is huge and the demand of individuation is obvious.

There are three ways of processing crystal characters:
Traditional tool die processing and laser cutting technology physical and physical cutting technology
By traditional processing
The traditional processing usually adopts the mode of mould pressing and mechanical cutting, but it all belongs to the rough machining, the production cycle is long, and the processing precision is not high. With the continuous improvement of product processing accuracy and product category, traditional processing methods can't meet the huge demand of market customization of crystal characters.
Laser processing
Acrylic laser cutting machine is generally limited to the thickness of the material. And sometimes, customers need to add paper or film and cutting, the wind can not be too small, otherwise it will fire. When the organic glass is cut, the speed and light intensity must be matched well. The slower the speed is, the better the smoothness is.
This physical process
In recent years, the advertising industry is under the double pressure of high personalized demand and material cost, and it is facing the situation of marginalization. And the high technology acrylic physical cutting machine adopts the non - contact processing and automatic typesetting function, which can reduce the processing deformation to the greatest extent and reduce the waste of materials. Moreover, the processing precision is high, the cutting seam has no cracks, the incision is smooth, and the post processing is generally not needed, and the crystal light transmittance is better after processing. In addition, we can also create patterns and shapes which cannot be completed in traditional way. Therefore, physical cutting machine has gradually become the most common processing method of crystal character cutting.

In order to meet the market demand of advertising industry, Guangdong new bull market Polytron Technologies Inc integrated intelligent cutting acrylic common specifications and common format, to create a variety of special physical crystal cutting machine, edge smooth and tidy, without further clean and polished, a step can be completed, and meet the processing of high quality aluminum plate, MDF, fiber board materials etc. the. The advantages of high speed and high precision have an irreplaceable application in the advertising industry.






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