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Just one PVC board can make so many creative designs and learn!
From: Guangdong bravebull intelligent cutting technology co., LTD Post date: 2018-03-09

Do not underestimate the mind of the designer, PVC board, we usually used to do advertising boards, and designers think it is to carry it.

Small editor collection of a group of great gods with PVC board creative logo, beauty Chen, display works, fast looking!

The PVC cutting effect of New York stereo hierarchy

The two colors of the PVC board are staggered, forming a distinct stereoscopic sense of personal preference

The logo making PVC different color design

Red with white PVC cutting modeling, let a person remember the position of fire hydrant!

PVC board making wall effect, with display effect

Whether it is made of PVC plate cutting guide logo, or by PVC board as enterprise culture wall, the advertising industry has launched a new round of technological innovation, and pioneering advertising industry as intelligent cutting for the advertising industry leader, professional R & D and production of advertising intelligent cutting robot, and is widely used in plate, acrylic, PVC the MDF board and other materials.

In the future, intelligent manufacturing is no longer unfamiliar. Please take your material to try new bull advertising intelligent cutting robot! With the superposition effect of different sizes, the stereoscopic sense is full.






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