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Development of intelligent cutting robot aided advertising industry
From: Guangdong bravebull intelligent cutting technology co., LTD Post date: 2018-03-09

In the war of smoke processing in the advertising industry, there is a failure to lie down and stand up. The unchangeable traditional processing method is doomed to be abandoned, the new intelligent cutting machine talent is the hard truth. The use of intelligent robot cutting processing acrylic, PVC, Chevron board has become the advertising industry "normal" means of production. So why can intelligent cutting robots contribute to the development of the advertising industry?

Intelligent cutting robot is used for professional physical cutting flexible materials in cutting machine, KT board, acrylic, stickers and other materials, the cutting ability is more obvious.
It saves material, using computer programming, you can put the products in different shapes cut, maximize the utilization rate of materials;
The simplified procedure: high precision machining, a molding without opening, smooth incision, eliminating edge modification process;
The investment does not need to save the mold mold, no mold consumption, without repairing mold, save the time to change the mold, thus saving processing costs, reduce the cost of production;
We protect the environment of intelligent cutting waste robot less, low noise, clean, safe, no pollution, greatly improves the working environment.

Intelligent cutting robot in the advertising industry dominate


Car sticker

Chevron board

+CCD precision positioning with automatic zoning adsorption fixed
Strong adsorption of precise positioning does not offset a tiny bit
By using automatic partition adsorption fixation system, make all kinds of material adsorbed tightly on the cutting table, collocation HD CCD camera, to achieve precise positioning of various materials, automatic cutting, reduce the problem of artificial positioning is not accurate, print deformation, resulting in cutting material is accurate, to eliminate the waste of materials, reduce the production cost.
Fully automatic typography saves time
Computer operation and cutting machine at the same time, complete data transmission quickly, locate the cutting area accurately through the positioning system, fully automatic typesetting, without manual adjustment, greatly save the time of cutting adjustment, provide production efficiency, and fundamentally reduce production costs.
Fast cutting speed and high efficiency
With the world's first class motor, the fastest cutting speed can reach
1000m/s, high-speed and efficient cutting performance is better than traditional cutting equipment, combined with different tools, to provide customers with the most professional cutting solutions, so as to maximize output and meet customer's production needs. Its price ratio is higher than that of domestic and foreign products.
Powerful operating software makes the experience more human
Pioneering computer cutting control software is a powerful software, compatible with AI, Autocad, Coraldraw, Photoshop, Mongolia and Thailand and other RIP software, can automatically extract more bitmap vector cutting path, without going through the matting work. In 1 hours, you can master all the operation of the software, and be proficient in the use of software within one day.
Intelligent advertisement cutting robot has been the best-selling new bull. High precision, high speed, high stability, and high quality cutting that can achieve any shape are widely used in the processing of all kinds of materials in advertising industry. It is loved by many customers and is the ideal choice for advertising industry.






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