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The main factors affecting the carton molding are too much to be used.
From: Guangdong bravebull intelligent cutting technology co., LTD Post date: 2018-03-09

At present, people not only have higher requirements for the internal quality of the goods, but also pay more attention to the packaging of the products. This requires that the packaging color box should not only have bright colors, generous designs, but also beautiful shapes and regular squares. Automatic box machine has been used more and more widely because of its high production efficiency and good forming quality. But in the actual production process, there are often some difficult problems, and it is difficult to give full play to its advantages. Here, I make a personal view on the experience in the actual work, and take this opportunity to discuss the problems of carton forming.
There are various factors affecting the quality of carton forming, and the most important are two aspects.
(1) material factors, including the use of roll paper, water content of paper, fiber direction of paper, reasonable selection of adhesive and so on.
(2) the process factors, such as printing products surface finishing processing, die-cutting machine, cutting process parameter setting.

If these two problems can be solved well, the problem of carton forming can be solved accordingly.

Influence of material factors

Effect of paper deformation on carton forming
The paper itself is not smooth and curly. After printing, die cutting and box, the beauty of the box will be affected. The paper deformation is mainly reflected in the following aspects.
(1) the deformation caused by the curl of the roll paper itself. Most of the color boxes are now printed with roll paper, and some also use imported rolls. Because the location and transportation conditions, imports in the domestic paper cutting, cutting the paper after the storage time is short, plus some manufacturers liquidity difficulties are bought, thus cutting the paper after the majority are not completely put on flat printing processing. If you buy a piece of paper directly, it will be much better.
(2) deformation caused by changes in water content of paper. The moisture content of each paper must be evenly distributed, and at the same time, it must be balanced with the humidity around. Otherwise, after a long time, there will be "lotus leaf edge" and "tight edge" phenomenon, which will affect the beautiful appearance of the final box. For the cut paper, the time of stacking should not be too long.
(3) the deformation by imposition caused by inappropriate. The determining factor is the direction of the paper fiber.
Once the opening direction of the paper fiber direction parallel to the opening up of carton, the phenomenon is very obvious, because the paper absorbs moisture in the printing process, after UV coating, calendering, coating and other surface processing, in the production process more or less deformation, deformation of the paper surface and the bottom surface of the tension when both sides of the carton forming, as has been glue fixed, only to open up to the carton forming openings open after the phenomenon of excessive.
In this regard, the imposition solution to. Now on the market of paper fiber direction is basically fixed, mostly in longitudinal direction of fiber, and color printing is in a fight with a certain number of open or open four printing paper, in general, without affecting the product quality, a piece of paper. The more the better, because it can reduce the waste of materials, reduce the cost, in this arrangement the calculated price to allow customers to accept, but simply to consider the imposition factors without regard to the fiber direction, forming the carton is not up to the requirements of customers. In general, the direction of the paper fiber and the direction of the opening is the most ideal.
At the same time, we should pay special attention to avoid sticking the left edge of the left side of the box tongue. Otherwise, when the lid is inserted into the edge of the socket, the flip is easily stuck to the box tongue sticking to the mouth. When the box is small and large, it will bring great inconvenience to the use of the carton.
The effect of paper types on the fastness of paste box
Different kinds of paper have different effects on the fastness of the paste box. Printed box wine, mainly by white cardboard, white cardboard, gray white gold / silver paper and some other special paper.
The white cardboard has a high quality, good surface smoothness, high evenness, high tightness, and poor permeability of the adhesive. Therefore, if the surface characteristics are not taken into consideration in the process of the paste box, the adhesion of the paste may not be good. In this regard, it is generally necessary to take edge grinding treatment to increase the friction coefficient and the permeability of the adhesive, and improve the adhesion fastness.
The bottom of the gray bottom whiteboard is rough, the water absorbability is strong, and the permeability of the adhesive is better, so the adhesion fastness is better than the white cardboard. The gold / silver cardboard surface smoothness, high flatness, but normally after film mulching treatment, and at the time the film / paper adhesive can improve the bonding fastness.
Effect of adhesive on the fastness of paste box
Adhesive is one of the most important factors that affect the fastness of the paste box. The choice of adhesive is usually made of paper / paper, plastic / paper. The use of paper / paper adhesive had better use good consistency, high stability, good leveling, fast adhesion. Plastic / paper plastic adhesive with high solid content, fast drying, good adhesion, high and low temperature performance, moderate hardness, good brushing, cold and heat resisting performance, initial adhesion speed, can realize high speed bonding.
Influence of technological factors

Effect of surface finishing of pasting quality
Effect of surface finishing mainly in printing on a full and coated products. For such semi-finished products, because the adhesive is difficult to penetrate the light oil layer and the plastic film to reach the paper, so the bonding fastness will not be very high. In this case, some of the machine has been installed on the paste box and grinding the surface of the bonding place, but it has some difficulty in the process. So many manufacturers try to avoid adhesion when they are glazed and covered, only in the local light or film of the carton products.
Influence of die cutting process on box type
The cutting process of the cutting machine has a great influence on the box type. Handmade die of relatively poor, all specifications, cutting, grasp the machete is not good, at present basically eliminated the manual plate cutting robot intelligent choice of carton. But sometimes the size of the lock and the high and low line is set according to the paper's quantity, and whether the specification of the cutter line is applicable to all the paper thickness and the height of the die cutting line also affect the effect of carton paste molding. In the indentation, the fibers of the paper will be deformed due to pressure. If the indentation line is too shallow, the paper fiber may not be fully permeable. Because of the elasticity of the paper itself, when the carton is formed on both sides of the box, the opening edge will expand outward to form opening opening.
The effect of process parameters on the quality of paste box
In actual production, in order to avoid the failure of sticking, infirm, degumming, spilled glue and sticky, the process parameters should be set up reasonably. The factors to be considered include the characteristics of paper material, the size of the open number, and the surface processing. The pressure after the paste box is fixed on the box firmly and without indentation. In order to prevent the special paper, such as the scraping phenomenon in the forming process of the gold / silver card, we should pay attention to the reasonable adjustment of the pressure. The amount of the glue is decided mainly by the width of the sticky edge of the box. The larger the number of paper, the thicker the thickness, the higher the evenness, the more complex the process and the smaller the working speed. The specific parameter setting needs to be determined according to the actual situation.






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