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The future development trend of the carton intelligent cutting robot industry
From: Guangdong bravebull intelligent cutting technology co., LTD Post date: 2018-03-09

China's express service volume has been the first in the world for three consecutive years, reflecting the rise of Chinese consumers' online shopping power, 467 million single, 657 million single, 812 million single... This is the world's largest e-commerce Alibaba for nearly three years "double 11" of the logistics order trend.
An order produces an express package. The national post office data showed that the National Express service volume was 1 billion 60 million in 2006, 31 billion 300 million in 2016, 30 times in 10 years, and the first in the world for three years.
This data reflects the rapid development of e-commerce in China in recent years, and also reflects the rise of Chinese consumers' online shopping power. In 2012, China's online retail sales volume was only 1 trillion and 300 billion yuan. By 2016, this figure increased to 5 trillion and 200 billion yuan. China has become the world's largest online retailer.
It is not to be ignored that the rapid increase in the number of express delivery directly drives the output of carton color boxes, driving the demand of the carton color box intelligent cutting robot.
Such as the Guangdong new bull intelligent intelligent cutting carton color Polytron Technologies Inc specializing in R & D and production of cutting robot, with independent intellectual property rights using the advanced high-end four axis high speed motion control system, can realize the dotted line, the big pressure wheel indentation, full cut, half cut, knife knife deep pressure can be preset storage, digital tuning, configuration drawing and cursor etc. a variety of positioning function, can quickly and accurately cut all kinds of complex shaped graphics.

In the most important step of carton production, the carton intelligent cutting robot greatly reduces the intermediate link and invalid work, and is more efficient.
Guangdong new bull intelligent cutting Polytron Technologies Inc chairman Zou Jinling said, carton cutting robot is all intelligent "treasure", as long as reasonable use, not only improve productivity and packaging materials can be effectively utilization of resources.
Carton color box intelligent cutting robot mainly concentrated in corrugated paper, honeycomb paper, gray paper, white cardboard and other paper box related materials. In addition, some single-layer non-woven fabrics are also widely used.

With the promotion of consumption upgrading and the wide application of AI technology, the future development trend of express packaging will be developed in the direction of efficiency and intelligence. Of course, this will also make the 2018 intelligent cutting robot more interesting.






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