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Jing bao! The United States wants to impose tariffs on Chinese footwear and other products
From: Guangdong bravebull intelligent cutting technology co., LTD Post date: 2018-03-19

The Trump administration is considering a wide range of tariffs on Chinese exports to fight China's investment in the US, in response to China's alleged infringement of intellectual property rights.
The US action will be based on the 301 survey of US trade representatives on China's intellectual property rights.
Two people know that the most serious case in the US plan is tariffs on Chinese goods, including footwear and consumer electronics.

  The discussion was not open, and people who were informed did not want to be named.
People familiar with the matter said the White House may combine tariffs with China's investment in the United States.
People familiar with the matter also said the United States is also considering more targeted ways to limit China's investment. The White House is studying how to strengthen the reciprocal relationship with China's foreign investment, which means that the US can only allow China to invest in areas that China allows us companies to enter.

  By the time, the results of the discussion are expected to be announced next month.
The White House spokesman did not comment, and said no final decision was made.
Calyon Hongkong based senior emerging market strategist Dariusz Kowalczyk said in an interview, reported that the United States is widely considered export restrictions and acquisition from Chinese, which means to increase the risk of a trade war, if the United States announced the measures, Chinese is also expected in the United States in the export tariff counter.
There has been no official announcement, if it is possible to sit, Chinese American aviation industry and agricultural products tariff restrictions imposed.






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