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some imported children's shoes in Shanghai were included in the legal inspection catalogue
From: Guangdong bravebull intelligent cutting technology co., LTD Post date: 2018-03-19

The day before, the reporter learned from Ninghai inspection and Quarantine Bureau, national quality inspection administration and General Administration of Customs jointly issued "on the" entry-exit inspection and quarantine authorities of the entry-exit inspection and quarantine catalogue (2018) "announcement" (2018 twenty-first), decided to import a toothbrush, shoes and other parts imported into the method inspection directory, since March 1, 2018.

With the improvement of the living consumption level, high quality imported consumer goods are popular. However, in recent years, the quality of products, which is closely related to consumers, is not optimistic and the quality of the products is incompatible. According to the 2017 spot checks, spot checks of 325 batches of imported shoes, 14 batches of substandard detection, the main failure items for formaldehyde, small parts, plasticizer, heavy metal content and rubber components in N- nitrosoamino exceed the standard; sampling of 319 batches of imported toothbrush, failure detection 150 batches, the main project failed sanding marks, size, etc.. At the same time, with the popularity of the "two child policy" and the growth of people's demand for high-quality consumption, the quality of imported infant products has attracted more and more attention.

The imported children's shoes and toothbrushes are included in the catalogue of legal inspection, which aims at effective quality supervision and control of imported consumer products, and protects domestic consumers and children's health and safety.
The staff of the Ninghai inspection and Quarantine Bureau said that from March 1st, imported toothbrushes and four imported child shoes under the HS code must be checked for inspection. To find out the problem of quality and safety, the importer should cooperate with the inspection and quarantine department to take effective measures to eliminate the hidden dangers and defects of product safety. Currently imported toothbrush should be consistent with GB19342-2013 "," GB30002-2013 "children toothbrush toothbrush", "GB30003-2013" toothbrush milling fiber requirements, imported shoes should be in line with the GB30385-2014 "children's shoes" safety technology criterion requirements on mechanical physical damage and chemical hazards such as quality and safety problems to achieve full coverage.
In this, Ninghai inspection and quarantine departments to remind the relevant import enterprises, should be early login state quality inspection administration website information disclosure column query specific adjustment list, concern about the adjustment of commodity inspection and quarantine supervision, in strict accordance with the contract signed with foreign importers of goods and safety technical standard specification requirements, in order to prevent the import customs clearance inspection. Because of the quality of security and other reasons can not be normal immigration clearance and causing unnecessary economic losses.






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