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As long as we do not die, we must go to death.
From: Guangdong bravebull intelligent cutting technology co., LTD Post date: 2018-09-20

A recent popular saying:
As long as we do not die, we must go to death.

Tired? Tired! Is it dead? No death!
If you don't die, you have to do it! It's no use thinking about anything else.
Tired is right, the proof is still alive!
It is life!

 The stage is too big for us to come up.
Always an audience.
No matter how good the platform is,
Always an outsider;
The ability is bigger, oneself does not act.
Others can only be seen as successful.
Only those who participate, work hard and fight will gain!
There will be no pie in the sky.
Hard work can make dreams come true!

Single handedly, don't be afraid.
You can cry on this road, but you can't encourage it.
We must get through the days when nobody cares.
To usher in success and flowers.
Not to win sympathy by tears.
But to win applause by sweat.
Struggle is not all about money.
And the self-confidence, calm and calm in the bone.
You can afford something you like.
Go where you want to go.
Able to shoulder the responsibilities.
Spend your own money and live a quality life!
Be an irreplaceable self!

In life, you don't need to tell anyone.
How hard are you and how tired you are.
People watch you fly high and low.
No one cares if you are tired or tired.
Do what should be done and take the road.
Never shrink back.
No matter how difficult it is, tell yourself:
Even if we progress a little every day,
It's better than standing still.

et parents be happy in their old age instead of worrying.
Let children grow up happily instead of being frightened.
Let the rest of your life be free, rather than drift with the tide.
That's the meaning of working hard every day.
Still water is stagnant water.
People do not move is useless.
Good inspirational words,
To all the struggling people!

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