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Supersonic PU cutting robot leveraging leather industry large market
From: Guangdong bravebull intelligent cutting technology co., LTD Post date: 2018-11-21

On August 29, 2018

Pleasant summer fading, the autumn wind

In Shanghai, the magic are bright and clear in this fall

Shanghai international leather fair in 2018

Grand opening

The supersonic with

Double layers PU intelligent cutting robot


Shanghai international leather fair

Four new features /

1Double-headed cutting, production efficiency increase of 50%

2, can cut 8 to 20 floors, can improve the production efficiency 8 to 20 times

3 · one layout, operational multiple computers

4 · automatic air knife is expected, the utilization rate of increase of more than 5%

Supersonic double layers of PU intelligent cutting robot ingenious design and manufacture, for the present leather industry merchants who dedicate a collection of innovative equipment intelligent cutting solutions and advanced "smart" ideas for the integration of automated cutting feast.Along with the increasing popularity on the market supersonic brand at home and abroad, it has become in the leather industry event will see a beautiful beautiful scenery line.

Supersonic professional site for fellow merchants in detail, and double layers PU intelligent cutting robot operation, bring people into a high speed high output and high precision for the future of smart cut new world, an endless stream, the audience to double layers of PU intelligent cutting robot expressed strong purchase intention.

Want to catch a glimpse of the supersonic

Double layers of PU intelligent cutting robot style?

The exhibition has two days

We are in

N5 pavilion D6C D5C - D - D

Waiting for you!

Small make up will be the first time send out

The moment

To visit the guide,

1: metro line 7 can direct SNIEC, its W5 hua mu road station is close to the Shanghai new international expo center hall.

2: large transport hub center - SNIEC longyang road station (located in longyang road) distance only 600 meters, metro line 2, metro line 7, maglev trains, and multiple bus lines converge, the longyang road station 10 minutes' walk, arrived at SNIEC.

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Small program


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