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[s-8e intelligent cutting robot series] high efficiency and accuracy
From: Guangdong bravebull intelligent cutting technology co., LTD Post date: 2018-11-21

On behalf of the era of science and technology,

Now the society,

Not see how many people are there in your factory,

But how many people see your factory only,

Now the factory is not as crowded as before

Now only a machine noise,

Machine instead of manual is the inevitable thing!

Then followed the small make up together

Look at supersonic to bring us the machine!!!!!!

Followed by the cutting machine of the second model,

We followed the small make up together and have a look!

S - 8 e intelligent cutting robot series

CNC bilateral broken machine automatic feeding hydraulic model

The machine video

Nine major characteristics

The operation is simple:Numerical control system, touch screen, the cutting die cutting pressure, setting height, travel all digital electronic control;Implanted in the high-end technology (sensor signal control), greatly improve the pressure stability, accuracy;Equipment loading l / 0 (input/output) monitoring function, convenient maintenance, simple and easy to operation.

Quick action:Numerical control system can work according to the required cutting die form to 9999 groups of memory storage, replacing die cutter, can need not again to set working parameters of the cutting die.

High efficiency:On both sides of the double location operation, it can set different cutting die height and the cutting of different material, enhances production efficiency 2-5 times.

Near zero damage of materials:Integral dynamic cutting repeat precision in the blanking area: + / - 0.05 mm. Set the run 60 decibels or less noise, can be directly used stainless steel plate instead of traditional rubber sheet cutting, higher cutting effect, less the wastage of the cutting board (close to zero consumables).

Very accuracy:Linear slide rail type automatic feeding, the work is smooth, feeding repeat accuracy of 0.1 mm or less.

High security:Before and after the workbench install security light pomegranate protection devices, CE safety standards, safety.

Durability:The central automatic lubrication system, no human negligence preview and make the damage to her concerns, send a special external oil system, equipped with a cooling device, heat dissipation fully and effectively maintain the blanking force, make the machine more durable.

Multi-usage:This machine is applicable to non-metallic sheet material (such as blister sheet, foam materials, automobile sound insulation, heat insulation, etc.) of large-area creasing and cutting operations.

The machine parameters

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Small program


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