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High efficiency, fast, stable operation LED light plate cutting machine, your choice!
From: Guangdong bravebull intelligent cutting technology co., LTD Post date: 2018-11-21

Efficient, durable, stable triad,

Supersonic intelligent cutting technology co., LTD., dongguan city,

Take you to watch a different machine the world!

Supersonic LED light guide dividing machine

(Fill the blank of the domestic products)

The seven characteristics

Imported materials:In technical cooperation products, is carved into the circle of accent motor automatically adjust line moment, X or y direction tungsten steel knife engraved line at a high speed.

Smooth operation:Adopt Taiwan imported linear guide as driving track, ensure smooth machine high speed and high precision.

Adjust the cutting head:Tungsten steel cutter according to the height automatically adjust the depth of material.

Durability:Machine platform version using the United States imported rubber board, friction force is strong, durable, not easy to deformation.

The data stability:The most stable Ethernet front-end ports with cable to transmit data, and can be connected directly to the AI software, Autocad, Coraldraw, GTools all software output, etc.

Efficient fast:Fastest speed, can reach 2700 mm per second.

One more point:All trimming function directly on the machine control, including image file automatically optimize function, need to match more than one computer.

The machine video

Device parameters

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Small program


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