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Carton cutting | efficiency, intelligence, small size
From: Guangdong bravebull intelligent cutting technology co., LTD Post date: 2018-11-21

Slow aging machine efficiency,

The machine occupies a space is big,

The machine is not smart?

Along with small make up reading it you will find all of these is not a problem!

The supersonic to bring us the cartons, color box computer cutting robot,

Efficiency, intelligence, small volume triad,

Make you surprised

Carton color box computer cutting robot

The machine video

The seven characteristics

Diversification of the nose configuration:

According to the needs of different industries free combination head configuration flexibility to the new production and processing requirements.

Half a knife cutting: is suitable for the half a knife for cutting the stickers

VType slot cutting: 45 V cutting system can be cut°30°22.5°15°V groove of 4 kinds of different angles

Milling cutter tool: suitable for acrylic, composite board and other hard material cutting

Vibration knife cutting:The frequency of 18000 times/min

Foam cutting tools: options for cutting60mmfoam

Pressing line wheel: large, medium, small

The CCD camera positioning

Machine vision is realized by using industrial video camera positioning, automatic positioning cutting.

Countries import table-board

Machine mesa version in U.S. imports fiberboard, permeability is good, durable, is not easy to deformation.

Touch all-in-one

Touch screen operation system design accord with human body engineering, it is one of the most simple and convenient man-machine interactive way, let you feel the humanized operation processing experience.

Effective cooling system

Bravebull integrated circuit by adding wing on plate shell heat sink, can effectively quicken the cooling speed, the motor box compared to the fan cooling, which can effectively reduce 85% 90% into the dust.

Operation control system

By the most stable Ethernet front-end ports network cable to transmit data, and can be connected directly to the AI software and Autocad, Coraldraw all software such as output, make the cutting process smoother, cutting arc more perfect.

Automatic discharge system

According to the customer's file, automatic identification outer contour, on the computer automatically, quickly generate graph, the optimization of layout of automatic discharge.

The Japanese panasonic servo motor control vibration knife and roller, the up and down movement of the computer can control the vibration and pressure wheel cutter depth.

The whole device

Safety devices to ensure the machine in the process of high speed movement of utmost to protect the safety of operating personnel, infrared automatic induction device effectively avoid the wastage of the cutting material, manpower into the infrared range, the machine automatically stop, ensure the safety of operation.

Applied materials

Honeycomb paperboard, corrugated paper and plastic corrugated paper, gray board paper, cardboard, adhesive, film, fiber composite materials, artificial leather, cloth, PU, rubber sheet, gaskets, pearl cotton, fiber board and other materials.

The honeycomb cardboard

The blade length 30 mm / 60 mm, can be cut 30 mm / 60 mm of honeycomb paperboard, and a v-shaped cutting system can be cut at 45 degrees, 30 degrees, 22.5 degrees, 15 degrees and so on four different V groove, multi-angle cutting perfect realization.

Corrugated paper

The 26 ° 16 ° or blade can cut for 3 to 5 layers of corrugated paper, accurate and efficient control system for improving efficiency and guarantee the maximum cutting equipment capacity.

Grey board

Use 26 ° blade and combined with flat knife V trough, to make the cutting more simple.

Pearl cotton

Heightened by the blade to 30 mm / 60 mm cut pearl cotton, rapid prototyping,To eliminate the artificial cross cut is not standard, limit precision punching machine, laser cutting machine burning/odor, etc.


Using the cutting depth control tool insets king king and insets knife sets, can be the depth of the precise positioning of self-adhesive materials processing, achieve perfect half knife and the knife cutting effect.


Technical parameters/models





Cutting area (mm)

1400 * 1000

1800 * 1300

2500 * 1600

3000 * 2000

Appearance size (mm)

2160 * 1680 * 1220

2570 * 1990 * 1200

3300 * 2250 * 1200

3780 * 2610 * 1200

Job characteristics

Operating computer and cutting machine at the same time, for fast data transmission, can be continuous use

Cutting speed

The fastest to 1500 mm/s

The thickness of the cutting

0.2-60mm(Owing to the different material)

Cutting material

Can cut 30 or 60 mm below the honeycomb board, acrylic board, corrugated paper and plastic corrugated paper, gray board paper, white cardboard, film, composite material, leather, plastic board, pearl cotton, aluminous model board and foam KT board, and other materials.V-shaped cutting system can cut 45°30°22.5°15°V groove of 4 kinds of different angles

The number

8Different set of stroke: a knife, the knife, roller set, v-shaped Settings, the cutter setting

Positioning way

Infrared laser/CCD camera positioning

Fixed way

Vacuum adsorption and air pressure machine fixed

Cutting precision

Plus or minus0.2mm

Repeat accuracy

Or less0.05mm

Cutting circular diameter


Transport interface

Ethernet front-end ports

Compatible software format

AISoftware,Autocad,CoraldrawAnd all the box type design software can output directly, without conversion, and with automatic optimization

Command system


Numerical control panel

Liquid crystal display and contact button

Drive material

Linear guide, import synchronous belt

Working voltage and power

communication220V 380V Plus or minus10%,50Hz;The engine power10KW;The fuse specifications:6A

Vibration cutting head

Vibration motor every minute of the cutting tools18000turn

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