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The Dragon Boat Festival, dragon boat racing, yi qu yuan
From: Guangdong bravebull intelligent cutting technology co., LTD Post date: 2018-11-21

Say originated in the southern liang generation Wu Jun renew the harmonic qi "and their cases of deloitte was alarmed jingchu age".It is said that qu yuan after miluo river, the local people were boating, fishing to save immediately, has been to the dongting lake, will not see the body of qu yuan.At that time, the rain falls, and boat on the lake pavilion next to converge on the shore together.When people learned is the salvage xian minister flexor doctor, out in the rain again, and rushed to cross into the vastness of the dongting lake.

In order to show their grief, people swing the boat river above, only then gradually developed into the dragon boat race.People were afraid of river fish eat his body, just coming home to rice dumplings into the river.Later became the custom of eating zongzi.

Dragon Boat Festival eating zongzi, dragon boat racing, it seems, related to commemorate qu yuan, a tang dynasty Wen Xiu "dragon boat" poem is witness: "Dragon Boat Festival points since who statement, everlasting rumors for qu yuan.Chu river empty he as a smile, not wash straight minister discretion.

Famous poet Zhao Fan said such a sentence: "Dragon Boat Festival every year wind and rain, be like to qu yuan Chen case"

Translation means: every year of the Dragon Boat Festival will be raining and windy, like their grievances for qu yuan, pled.

All members of the supersonic here early to wish you: the Dragon Boat Festival in ankang

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