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Guangdong new bull intelligent cutting Polytron Technologies Inc was founded in 2006, registered capital of 10 million yuan, is a set of intelligent cutting robot development, production, sales and service of the national high-tech company, is Chinese CNC cutting machine industry standard pattern makers, April 28, 2016 landed three new board, China intelligent cutting equipment first, Stock Code: 836963 "; cutting solutions experts" for business purposes, to "create the world and national brand" for the business objectives.

New bull since 2006 has been committed to the carton printing industry, packaging industry, garment industry, advertising industry and other industries developed with wrapping box intelligent cutting robot. The company has 1 postdoctoral candidates, 3 doctors, more than 10 technicians with a college degree or above, 2 national industry standards, 4 invention patents, 4 software copyright patents, and 20 utility models patents.

New bull is a soft material cutting solution expert, provide the following professional products for carton printing, advertising, clothing, footwear, bags, furniture, automotive, aerospace and other industries: carton color intelligent cutting intelligent robots, robot, intelligent automobile advertisement cutting cutting cloth cutting robot, intelligent robot, PU intelligent leather cutting robot in the end, intelligent robot cutting and other products.

New bull has been the product and technology as the core enterprise, focus on technology promotion. South China University of Technology postdoctoral workstation and intelligent cooperative development of cutting robot, by domestic and foreign manufacturers praise, basically the main mid market pioneering brand NB series computer cutting machine products is currently the cost-effective products, and supersonic brand S series is the main foreign high-end market, widely welcomed by foreign customers.






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