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Bravebull car floor mat cutting machine (automatic feed)

Function characteristics:

Full width layout, automatic feeding, continuous cutting, save material and improve efficiency.

Technical cooperation products, used in Switzerland imported servo motor is up to 25000 RPM.

Adopt the Italian AMT straight-line guide rail as driving guide rail, ensure smooth running of machine high speed and high precision.

The Japanese panasonic servo motor control vibration knife up and down, the depth can be controlled by the computer random vibration.

The whole machine cable all adopt Germany import data line.

Panel is the United States imported fiber board machine, permeability is good, durable, is not easy to deformation.

The most stable Ethernet cable to transmit data, and can be connected directly to the AI software, Autocad, Coraldraw all software output, etc.

Directly on the machine control so fine tuning functions, including image file automatically optimize function, need to match more than one computer.

It can locate by infrared laser cutting image file, fast accurate.





Small program

Small program


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