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Bravebull carton color box cut prototype computer

Functional features

End and technical cooperation in product, USES the Swiss import servo motor speed of up to 25000 RPM

Adopt the Italian AMT straight-line guide rail as driving track, ensure smooth machine high speed and high precision.

Adopt Japanese panasonic servo motor control vibration knife and pressure wheel moves up and down, can be controlled by the computer random vibration and pressure wheel cutter depth, for make grey board boxes need to be cut in half a knife cut, can be controlled by computer. Pressure wheel separately by a motor control can be a perfect effect.

Machine has four functions: vibration cutter cutting head, pressure line of the wheel and the v-shaped cutting head and high speed milling cutter head. Can cut 30 or 60 mm below the honeycomb cardboard, acrylic board, corrugated paper and plastic corrugated board, gray paper, white cardboard, film, composite materials, leather, cloth, plastic board, pearl cotton, aluminous model board and foam KT board, and other materials. V-shaped cutting system can cut 45, 30, 22.5, 15, 5 different Angle such as 0 V groove.

The data line with German imported.

Machine mesa version in U.S. imports fiberboard, permeability is good, durable, is not easy to deformation.

The most stable Ethernet front-end ports with cable to transmit data, and can be connected directly to the AI to use Autocad software, Coraldraw all software output, etc

Equipped with safety devices (hand into the infrared range, the machine automatically stops)

Fastest speed, can reach 1500 mm per second

All trimming function directly on the machine control, including image file automatically optimize function, need to match more than one computer

It can locate by infrared laser cutting has been printed color box, rapid and accurate.





Small program

Small program


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