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Carton intelligent cutting robot NB1813(Double crater corrugated paper)

1. Imported servo motor, maximum 18000RPM.

2.Computer operation and cutting machines can be used simultaneously for quick data transmission capable of continuous operations.

3.Imported linear guide rail, ensure accurate, stable and high speed motion.

4.Using Servo-motor from Panasonic,to control up,down and turn of Vibration Cutt.

5.The machines have four types of functional heads: vibration cutting head, creasing wheels, V- Cutter, high speed milling Router, with drawing pen. It enable the machine can work on different materials; corrugated paper, gray board, white cardboard, plastic sheets, composite materials, textiles, leathers, foam board, sponge etc at option of 15, 30, 60mm maximum cutting height. Optional milling router head can even cut thick acrylic. V-cutter can chose different angle at 45°x 30〇、22.50、15°.

6.Date wire all are imported from Germany

7.Machine table covered with imported fibre table mat: durable, stable, enable good suction.

8.Date is transfer by Ethernet, the most stable method. File can be exported to machine directly from Adobe Illustrator, Coraldraw without conversion to maintain maximum accuracy.

9.Ultra Red Light sensor are equipped for user friendly and safety (machine automatically stop when operator's hand into the working area).

10.Machine can run at the maximum speed of up to 1500mm per second.

11.All fine tuning can be made with control penal on the machine.

12.Red Ultra-light positioning device for printed work can be cut accurately in easy and quickest way.





Small program

Small program


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