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NewBull auto computerized cutting machine

1.Full width layout automatic feeding, continuous cutting, save material and improve efficiency.
2.It is the product with the cooperation of Sino-Swiss technologies,and servomotores mported form Switzerland.The motor are running at protary speed up to 25000rpm.
3.The Italian AMT straight-line guide rails are used as drive rails to ensure the machines will run in a steady manner at utmost accuracy.
4.Using Servo-motor from Panasonic,to control up,down and turn of Vibration Cutting head and creasing head independently.
5.Date wire all are improted from Germany.
6.Table mat are imported from USA,the fiber board are durable ,with good permeability^ery stable in thickness and shape.
7.Date is transfer by Ethernet,the most stable method.File can be exported to machine directly from Adobe llutrator;

Coraldraw without conversion to maintain maximum accuracy.

8.All fine tuning can be made with control penal on the machine.

9.Red Ultra-light positioning device for printed work can be cut accurately in easy and quickest way.






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