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NB2516DCZ_Auto mat cutting machine


1. Full-format layout, automatic feeding, continuous cutting, saving materials and improving efficiency.

2. Sino-Swedish technical cooperation products, using servo motors imported from Switzerland up to 25000 $ revolutions per minute.

3. The Italian AMT linear guide is adopted as the transmission guide to ensure the machine runs smoothly at high speed and high precision.

4. Japanese Panasonic servo motor is used to control the up and down movement of the vibrating knife, and the depth of the vibrating knife can be controlled at will by the computer.

5. All the data lines of the machine are imported from Germany.

6. The machine table is made of fiberboard imported from the United States, which has good air permeability, durability, and is not easy to deform.

7. The data is transmitted by the most stable Ethernet cable, and can be directly connected to AI software, Antocad, Coraldraw and other software outputs.

8. Directly control all the fine-tuning functions on the machine, including the automatic optimization of picture files, without the need for an additional computer.

9. It can locate and cut the drawing file by infrared laser light, fast and accurate.

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