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NB1318 carton box intelligent cutting robot

● Diverse head configuration: According to the needs of different industries, the head configuration can be freely combined to flexibly meet the new production and processing requirements.

Half-knife cutting: suitable for half-knife cutting of stickers

V-groove cutting: V-groove cutting system can cut 4 different angle V-grooves such as 45 ° 30 ° 22.5 ° 15 °

Milling tool: suitable for cutting hard materials such as acrylic and composite wood

Vibrating knife cutting: frequency up to 18000 times / minute

Foam cutting tool: optional cutting of ≦ 60mm foam material

Crimping line wheel: large, medium and small

● CCD camera positioning

Industrial camera video screen positioning is used to realize automatic positioning and cutting of machine vision.

● United States imported countertops

The machine countertop is made of fiberboard imported from the United States. It has good air permeability, is durable, and is not easy to deform.

● Touch one machine

The design of the touch screen operating system conforms to ergonomics, and it is the simplest and most convenient way of human-computer interaction, allowing you to experience the humanized operation and processing experience.

● Efficient cooling system

The wing-shaped heat sink is installed on the housing of the Pioneer Cow circuit integrated board, which can effectively speed up the heat dissipation in the motor box. Compared with the fan, it can effectively reduce the entry of dust by 85% -90%.

● Operation control system

Data is transmitted by the most stable Ethernet cable, and can be directly connected to AI software and all software such as Autocad, Coraldraw to make the cutting process smoother and the cutting arc more perfect.

● Automatic discharge system

According to the customer's file, the outer contour is automatically recognized, and the optimized marker layout is automatically and quickly generated on the computer for automatic marker layout.

● The Japanese Panasonic servo motor is used to control the up and down movement of the vibrating knife and pressure roller, and the computer can control the depth of the lower knife of the vibrating knife and pressure roller at will.

● Safety device

The safety device ensures the maximum protection of the operator during the high-speed movement. The infrared automatic induction device effectively avoids the loss of the cutting material. When the human hand enters the infrared range, the machine automatically stops to ensure the safety of the operator.

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